Sending Love Messages to Children from Parents

Sending Love Messages to Children from Parents

As a parent, in order to be able to convey the best material, you certainly don’t want a child to be rude, right? Demanding children to be someone who gives an ability to others.

Of course, you as a parent have to give small examples of various kinds. One of the most important is the best love messages and words. To give a sense of warmth to children, it is very important to instill it from childhood.

Of course, as parents who are full of responsibilities, children are entrusted and a gift from the creator. As a father and mother of course you must be able to provide a good example of words.

Words of love that are said to children will give a sense of comfort to the child. Of course, the child will also imitate what is conveyed by his parents. Are you as a parent still confused in conveying it? If it’s true, we’ll see it together.


Sending Love Messages to Children from Parents

As parents who love your baby, romantic words are very suitable to be taught to them. As an official award given to them, of course, the child will also love you more. Maybe there are still many people who are confused, right? If so, let’s go straight to our topic this time:

  • Don’t be afraid, when you do something people will stay away from you. Remember son, the mother will always be by your side even though you are shunned by others.
  • Do you know? A mother’s heart is a classroom that a child will fill.
  • Understand that a mother’s heart is very strong, don’t let everything be broken because of your fault.
  • Do you know how much your mother and father sacrificed? We never expect all to come back to us. Trust your child will always love you.
  • I never asked attention to you, I just want you to know my son, my love is always for you.
  • Be a useful child for your future, not because of us. Your parents really hope that you can be a successful person.
  • However you are insulted by people, but you must know, we will always be with you forever.
  • Stop your tears when you are gone, cherish and live your time so that it can always run smoothly.
  • Pay attention today as well as tomorrow, we will always be someone who loves you all day and all the time.

Of course, as a parent you have to give the best for your child, prayer is the main key in making your child someone who is devoted to you and your family. So start asking yourself from a young age. Hopefully, it can be useful and become more useful for you and others.


Seeing Children’s Characters From an Early Age

Attention from both parents is an important thing which can make a child more romantic. This romantic meant can be to fellow humans or objects or animals or plants. Attention can also provide good character growth in a child’s soul.

Do you as a parent understand the mandatory things in instilling morals in a child? Judging from the various factors where a child can grow and develop in many factors is guidance from parents. As a good parent, you are obliged to give good morals to a child.

The personal growth of a child can be seen starting from the child experiencing childhood which is a process of achievement. When a child has a character and personality that can be seen directly and given adjustments to the child.

Every characteristic of a child can certainly be reshaped, parental upbringing and affection are the most important factors. A living environment with kindness is also a major thing that must be accepted by a child in reshaping his character.


It can be concluded, a child can get a lot of success if parents provide a good guideline for their child. The reason for giving romantic words to your child is to make other people likable traits. The main key to success is having good relationships and friendships. If a child does not have a good relationship, success will be more hampered. So start instilling goodness in your child and be number one.

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